Yellow Mixed Colour Pack-250gm

Our Mixed Colour Packs are perfect if you don't want to choose an exact shade of Merino.

Each 250gm pack is selected by our pickers along a specific colour range, so they'll grab whatever colours fit. This way you'll have plenty of fibres to play with, and as they're all standard shades you can always get more if there's one you particularly like. 

The Colour Packs are perfect if you're creating your own blends at home, and the additional of a little Tussah Silk can create some wonderfully luxurious blends.

If you don't see a colour pack that matches what you're after then you can always contact the office and we'll make one up for you. The only limitation is you can't request a specific individual colour.

Yellow Mixed Colour Pack-250gm

Product Code:  DMMCP.Y

Price per pack, each pack weighs 250gm

No wholesale minimum order