Wholesale: FAQ's

What do you sell wholesale?

The majority of items found on our retail site are offered to our wholesale customers. There are some exceptions to this, such as the Ashford and Kromski ranges which are not available. Once accepted as a wholesale customer you'll be able to see the complete range.

Who can apply to buy wholesale?

Wholesale terms are given to those who are retailing/crafting as their main business. This may include high street shops, online retailers or stall holders. Each application is assessed on a case-by-case basis. As such please include as much information as you can when applying.

How do I apply to be a wholesale customer?

Please follow the "WHOLESALE APPLICATION" link at the top of the page. You'll be taken to a form where you can fill in all relevant sections and send it through to us. Our wholesale manager will then assess your application.

How do I order?

If your application is successful then you will be provided with an online account. You'll be able to then create your order as a pro forma invoice and forward it through to us. Once your order has been processed we'll provide a secure link through which you can pay.

Please note, the above is a brief overview of the main points of Wingham Wholesale. Once accepted you'll be directed to an info page which will go into more detail regarding wholesale orders.