Dyed Merino

We like to match our great prices with great fibres and that's why all our Dyed Merino is of 70s grade, (21 micron). The higher the number the finer the wool, and we find that 70s gives the perfect balance between being soft against the skin while also being good wearing.
When comparing prices it's always a good idea to check what grade wool you'll be getting, merino comes in many qualities. The coarser qualities being cheaper.

Our merino is sourced as white wool from South America and dyed to our specification and shades. When we get it back from the dyer we then give it an extra blending on our machinery to ensure that it is in perfect condition for spinners and feltmakers. At this point in production we coil it into sacks as it comes off the machinery, this leaves it loose and lofty. In the commercial world at this stage it is often press packed which flattens it down. This is good for commercial transporting which we dont need to do as it goes direct into our warehouse.
Our processing gives a superior finish to our wool.

South American wools are non mulesed


But what does the 70 actually mean?