Kraftkolour Landscape Dyes

Each pot contains the dye plus levelling and softening agents

Landscapes are made for dyeing Wool, Silk & Nylon. They've been developed to give a professional colour fast result with a simple dyeing method. They are a one pot system in that all the ingredients are included in each pot with the dye.  This makes the process very easy as the dye plus ph balancer, softening agent and levelling agent are all ready mixed together.
They are nice and bulky as this makes measuring out smaller quantities quite easy. Many dyes are sold as concentrates in small pots and are difficult to weigh out or measure. 

All you add is fibre or yarn and bring to the simmer in a pot or heat in a microwave.

The shades shown are when used at full strength. They can be used at less than full strength to give lighter shades. All can be intermixed to create many more colours.

Also suitable for dyeing any protein based fibre for example Alpaca, Mohair, Angora & Feathers.