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Wingham Wool is now closed until the 19th February as we are relocating from South Yorkshire to Gloucestershire.
Orders may be placed during this time but please be aware that they won't be processed until the 19th February onwards.

Elements Range

Landscape dyes are produced by Kraftkolour of Australia. Their one-pot dye system contains the dye itself, together with levelling and softening agents, all mixed together. It's all you need to get dyeing your own range of colours.

Each standard 100gm pot will dye 1 kilo to the full colour strength as indicated. The powders can also be mixed to create your own colour range. No preparation or additives are required other than a little household vinegar if you intend to get the most vibrant of colours.

Supplied in 20gm sample pots for all shades
100gm standard pots for all the range of shades
250gm bulk pots for the more popular shades

Instructions for usehttps://www.kraftkolour.net.au/assets/files/ins%20Landscapes_dye_CC.pdf