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Wingham Wool is now closed until the 19th February as we are relocating from South Yorkshire to Gloucestershire.
Orders may be placed during this time but please be aware that they won't be processed until the 19th February onwards.

Core / Stuffing Wool WFS

This is a blended carded mix of washed fleece wool.

The fibres used are chosen to give the mix a good loft and recovery. This feature makes it a good stuffing wool as it retains its bounce when compressed.
When used in the process of needle felting it gives a sound base to the work when needled into a body shape. 

With this type of blend made from scoured (washed) fleece there is always some vegetable matter in the fibre.

Core / Stuffing Wool WFS

Product Code:  WFS

Stuffing / Core wool for 3D pieces.

Price per 100gms

Minimum wholesale order: 500gm