Wingham Hand Carders

The design of the Wingham Handcarders has evolved over the years, culminating in a great piece of equipment that won't break the bank. 

The backs are made of birch ply, for strength. The turned handle is hardwood fitted at an angle that allows a good natural surface to surface contact. The handle design gives a good comfortable grip in the hand.

Carding needs the wire to be flexible, the fabric and rubber backing allows the movement of the wire. This means that the cloth can pull and relax with the carding action. The card cloth itself uses stainless steel wire so you can be sure that they won't rust, and our carders should last for many years to come. 

In general we recommend the Standard Carders for most wools and animal fibres. These have the card cloth set at 72 Points Per Inch (PPI): any more and the friction between the 2 carders can make them hard to use. For finer fibres such as cashmere and silk we offer the Fine Carders, with the cloth at 108 PPI.

Weight (single): 350gm
Carding Surface Area: 18cm x 9cm
Please Note: Each carder is now engraved with the Wingham brand name.

Wingham Hand Carders

Product Code:  72SCARD