White Trilobal Nylon

Trilobal nylon is a very useful fibre, whether used on it's own or incorporated in a blend.

The fibre is trangular in cross section so this causes it to reflect light giving a sparkling effect.

This white nylon will take a dye in much the same way as a wool. Nylon is the only synthetic that has this property.
The dying process is identical, making it particularly easy to use in conjunction with our range of One Pot Landscape Dyes. It takes the dyes well, so you can be sure you're getting the maximum "colour" available in your end result. Its also easy to rainbow dye for really exciting results. 
Rainbow dye it, blend with wool or other fibres on your carders or blending board for unique blends to spin or felt. A little fibre goes a long way. Used along with the Landscape 20gm dye pots you can create a vast range of combinations.

Trilobal can also be used as a blending fibre to add strength to you finished article. It only takes a small amount added to any natural fibre mix to ensure that your finished article will stay strong for years to come.

White Trilobal Nylon

Product Code:  TLN


Price per 100gm