White Bluefaced Leicester WBLTWhite Bluefaced Leicester WBLT 
White Bluefaced Leicester WBLT

White Bluefaced Leicester combed wool top.

This current batch has been combed from fleeces that have been sorted twice to pick out the very best of the wool for scouring and combing. It does result in the poorer parts of the fleece being left behind to be used in lesser quality blends.

This batch represents the very best in British grown pure bred Blue Face Leicester, exhibiting the classic form of this special wool.
Not a lot is produced then graded and sold through the British Wool Marketing Board. When the chance arises to get the very best we take the opportunity.

It really should be costing more but we are offering it at a little over our normal price to give spinners and felters the chance to work with the best.

A soft semi-lustrous wool, very popular with handspinners and felt makers.

Staple Length - 8-15cm
Micron Range 26-26.5

White Bluefaced Leicester WBLT

Product Code:  WBLT

Price per 100gm

Minimum wholesale order: 500gm