Dyed Corriedale Wool: Orange 100gm


New for 2020, we're pleased to announce a new range of dyed Corriedale wool, suitable for a wide range of fibre-crafts including handspinning and felt making.

With a micron count of 26.5 it's a ever-so slightly coarser wool than the Dyed Merinos (21micron), but still has a wonderful texture to it. This makes it slightly easier to felt with, both wet and needle felting. It’s also a great choice for spinning, being slightly easier to work with yet still giving those bright, exciting colours.

The Corriedale sheep is a cross between Merino & Lincoln breeds, originally bred at the start of the 20th Century to thrive in areas of low rainfall.

​Average Staple Length: 110mm
Micron Count: 26.5

Dyed Corriedale Wool: Orange 100gm

Product Code:  COR.ORANGE

Price per 100gm

Minimum wholesale order: 500gm