Merino Prefelt - Citrus

The dyed range of Needlepunch prefelt is produced to the high clothing quality standard and does not contain vegetable matter and other debris.

Needlepunch prefelt is manufactured through an industrial process of dry felting. Machinery uses thousands of needles to mimic the action of wet felting. The beauty is that you can continue and complete the felting process yourself, incorporating your own designs as you go.

One piece of full size prefelt will measure 1m x 1.4m. If you order more we will cut the roll to your measurements. We always aim to do this in one continuous piece, though very occasionally this may not be possible. If you require your order in one single piece then please mention this in the comments box when ordering.

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Merino Prefelt - Citrus

Product Code:  NF14


Price per 1m x 1.4m

No minimum wholesale amount.